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A standalone module that can be connected via pin headers into Barback or Bartender (so you don't use a channel up).  It's a dual 3-channel panning mixer, with a built in LFO.  So you get two different mixes of three channels each, that each have their own outputs, and there is a main output that mixes it all together.  This is the brainchild of Brian at Robots Are Red.

Mixer section
Channel 1 and Channel 2 are three channel mixers with potentiometers to control level of three different inputs for each channel.  Each channel then has a potentiometer to control panning as well as CV control for panning and level control

    Panning and VCA
    The VC panners are equal loudness panning and the VCAs for each channel are linear response.

      Built-in LFO
      There is a built-in LFO that is normalled to the panning CV input of each channel.  CH1 gets the standard LFO and CH2 gets an inverse, enabling alternating channel panning.  The default is to use a TRI wave for the LFO, but there is a jumper on the back to switch it to SQU.


      Width: 12hp
      12V: 140mA
      -12V: 120mA

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