About Us

Lenny Helton, Co-Owner

Lenny is the Engineer behind After Later Audio. He does all of the electrical and mechanical designs. He manages all the parts ordering, testing, calibrating and when he’s lucky enough to have the time, making music with the modules.

In his teens and 20s he was a house music DJ in Chicago, eventually helping to run Dust Traxx Records. In addition to playing records, he created his own sounds on classic synths like the 909, 303, etc. He spent 2 years studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at GMI in Flint Michigan. After working in both telecom and at several software companies, he spent the 15 years at Microsoft, most recently in Azure Sphere.  Lenny is continuing his journey in the software industry with a focus on products for Software Engineers, such as Build and CI systems.

Clarissa Helton, Co-Owner

Clarissa takes care of most of the day-to-day operations of the company. She builds, solders, ships, and manages messages and customer emails. When a question becomes technical, it goes to Lenny, but most inquiries go through her first. Clarissa has a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in addition running After Later Audio, she is back to practicing at Union Wellness in Seattle.

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