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This is the smallest oscillator in our COCO system.  


Brooks is a 4hp thru zero oscillator.  It still packs in a lot of features but will work better in most cases as the 2nd and/or 3rd oscillator in the system.  Key features:

  • Thru zero FM oscillator
  • Tuning switch enables ranges of 0V, 3V, and 6V
  • Tuning knob offers 4 octave range, when coupled with the switch you get a full 10 octaves.
  • Both hard sync and time reverse (soft sync)

The chip used for the core of this module is the SSI2130, which has a tendency to lock up on startup when the power rails come up asymmetrically, which is most common in Intellijel power supplies.  I did my best to fix this but there may still be instances where the unit locks up on startup.  If you end up in this state, just flip the LFO/VCO switch to get it behaving.

Thanks to Neil Johnson at Sound Semiconductor for being so helpful in creating this.

Width: 4hp
12V: 30mA
-12V: 15mA

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