Our Story

  In the fall of 2017 Lenny was in a car accident that left him with a debilitating concussion, and he had to take 3 months off from his job at a software company. During that time, he couldn’t use screens, suffered from extreme headaches, memory loss and had problems concentrating. He searched for a way to spend his time that would not tax his brain and discovered that soldering worked. He threw himself into the activity, building DIY synth modules. He found the task workable in his injured state, and it turned out he was good at it.
Once his brain healed enough that he could re-engage on the computer, Lenny started following the message boards around DIY synth building and found a whole community of people also building, learning, and discussing his new passion. To fund his new hobby, he started selling a module for every module that he built for himself. The demand grew, but so did his ability to function outside of the soldering station. He was now well enough to return to work, so he spent only his evenings and weekends building modules, barely able to keep up with the requests people made to buy them.
After a few months, his wife was unhappy with how little he was around. He was at work all day and in his “man cave” building every minute he was home. She could ask him to stop building but instead offered to help so he had some hours free to spend with her and their two children. Clarissa pieced modules together, learned to solder, boxed and shipped orders, and started running social media. With this added effort, the demand grew even more. The accident turned hobby became a business.