Focused on Something New

Focused on Something New

You haven’t seen a lot of new modules from me recently because I have been focused on developing a original line of Eurorack modules.  I really wanted to create a line of analog modules that could form that foundation of any simple rack and yet offer expansion capabilities for the more complicated systems.

It has been fun getting into designing my own modules, this is one of the reasons I went to Electrical Engineering school back in the 90s.  My goal then was to create synths, but I got heavily distracted with playing records, performing live shows, putting on raves in Chicago, and helping a friend run multiple record labels.  That initial journey got interrupted, but I feel fortunate to be able to continue the journey now.

Here is a little more about the high-level design choices for these first modules:

  • Based on core designs that define several the vintage synths that we all know and love today
  • Put the constraints of 6HP on each module

I wanted to start with some constrained designs.  I wanted to create something that is simple and clear for the user.

  • Balancing density with playability

Since I started locked into the 6HP size, I needed to be careful to not overload the panel with jack and knobs but still offer some robust functionality.  I have literally carried my micrometer with me to measure people’s fingers in order to ensure playability and offer as much functionality as possible.

  • Timeless designs

I wanted these first modules to be something that everyone could use in their rack, from beginners to experienced musicians with larger systems.

  • Affordable quality

In the same way I have approached the manufacturing of open source designs, I aim to make these designs available at a low cost without sacrificing the quality of the build.